In order to maximize the value of your donation dollars, we focus on areas where the need is greatest. A majority of our programs are now in the


We currently have 3 programs:

  1. Care Program - Provides clothing, shoes, toys to children in schools, orphanages and homes. This includes our school bag program which  we buy, assemble or distribute school bags filled with school supplies to children with the most need in local schools.

  1. Book Program - Provide donated children’s reading books to schools in urban and rural villages. In addition, we provide educational kits and US textbooks in Math, English and Science to local teachers to give them the best tools they need to create a love of learning among their students.

  2. Special Programs - Provide help with special needs which may include medical help, emergency relief and nutritional program assistance to local communities. These include hosting special programs like educational events and workshops. COVID19 UPDATE - In response to the urgent need for sanitizing kits we are working with various local nonprofits to
    hundreds of COVID care kits to disadvantaged families in the SF Bay Area .

    We will also continue to provide these hygiene kits to the hardest hit families in the Philippines during this time.

Care Program

Each year we send hundreds of school bags to children from families who 
are at or below the poverty level. These bags include basics needed for school like pens,
pencils, scissors, paper,  notebooks etc. For many families these bags are invaluable. 
Our partner organizations select our recipients of this program. 

The shipping companies we use have been 100% reliable with all of our shipments
arriving intact in 6-8 weeks at their front door. Whether 
our shipment is sent to the 
capital city, Manila, or to remote villages where the nearest town is 2 hours away
by tricycle, bus or the local jeepneys, your donations have made it to their 

                                                                                       Book Program

We believe that knowledge can transform a life and break the cycle of poverty giving children
 the best chance of a future. 

Our very successful book program, sends used children’s reading books to public elementary
schools throughout the Philippines. We
 partner with the “Teach for the Philippines”, a
Philippine organization whose purpose is to promote the love of reading and provide.
The results are evidenced by the heartwarming letters and photos we receive.

Full color children’s reading books in English are difficult to find and in remote villages,
they are nearly impossible to find. Teachers tell us that the children actually spending more
time at school to read them. By shippi
ng books that were destined for landfill we engage in
what we call “educational recycling”. Teacher 
and Student donations from California schools
such as Sunnyvale School District, 
Lakewood Elementary in Sunnyvale, Stocklmeir School 
in Santa Clara and Baywood Elementary School in San Mateo have helped us send 
thousands of their used books to be used in schools thousands of miles away.

              Special Programs

 We launched the "Uplifting Life Through Art" Workshop to provide a safe, creative, supportive and healing environment for disadvantaged children.
 We provide assistance for emergency medical or dental care for families as required.
 We host educational learning events for children in shelters and hospitals.
 We provide disaster relief supporting the work of many local nonprofits during natural disasters.