Measuring Our Progress

  • To date we have::
  • Distributed over 100,000 English reading books to over 115 schools and organizations
  • Assisted in the rebuilding of community shelters and orphanages after natural disasters
  • Provided feeding programs for over 300 children
  • Distributed hundreds of food packages for disadvantaged families
  • Provided over 1000 backpacks with school supplies and clothing to the most disadvantaged families
  • Hosted special events and classes that encourage learning and creativity
  • Worked with NGO medical partners to give live saving emergency surgeries
  • Supplied over 300 hygiene kits and supported local dental programs

  • 2014-2015
  • We welcomed new partner, JDS Foundation in Manila who reach out to the children in the hardest hit slums. This fiscal year, we shipped over 1000 pounds of childrens books, clothing and school bags. 
  • We continued our alliance with Philos Health to support emergency surgeries, dental care and feeding programs for the over 30,000 people in the island of Bohol. 
  • We provided assistance to the Boys Center in the island of Oromoc, Leyte which was devastated by the Typhoon and 2 years later
    saw no funding to improve the damage done to their center. By providing the children with basics like beds, tables and chairs,
    cutlery and sports equipment they can again return to some sense of normalcy. 
  • Our backpack program yielded close to 100 kits, filled with the basics for any child to start school, a luxury for many families. 
  • Through the generosity of the Sunnyvale School District, we have provided Math kits to classrooms throughout the country distributed by 
    our partners at Teach for the Philippines, 
  • We formed a new alliance with local charity, Bato Balani Foundation, who supplied 54 boxes of local language books to the children
    in the Manila slums in Tondo.
  • We worked with the nonprofit, IsraAid,  who were rebuilding villages and providing trauma treatment to girls displaced by the Typhoon. We
    funded fencing for the Center for Abused Girls to provide them with security after their fencing was demolished.

  • 2013-2014
  • Our alliances with organizations such as KNK (Children Without Borders) and Philos Health helped us provide assistance in areas hit by
    disasters like recent Typhoon Haiyan and the earthquake that affected the island of Bohol in the Philippines.

  • In 2013, we provided special assistance to the US based medical team of Philos Health who continue to work with families affected by both the earthquake and Hurricane Haiyan. In addition, we shipped children's clothing, shoes and educational activities for the Child Friendly Space
    in the hurricane devastated areas set up by KNK for over 500 children to provide a safe area for children to play. 

  • To date over 200 children have received our school bags filled with notebooks, pens, paper, scissors, sharpeners, erasers, rulers and
    pens to help them start the school year. These items are very valuable for children who already have little.

  • We have formed an alliance with Teach for the Philippines, an offshoot of the Teach for America program which trains teachers to work
    in remote schools of the Philippines. We have sent over 30,000 pounds of donated California textbooks and schooling aids to be used
    in Philippine schools. 
  • We work with underfunded schools in remote island provinces such as those in the island of Hilantagaan by providing them enough books
    to form their libraries or urban schools such as the Vicente Lim Aguinaldo Elementary School in Manila to help them with their school libraries.

  • We work in Manila's slums through our partners, Project Pearls, and Puso sa Puso to understand their needs and provide support in areas
    they need the most help.

  • We formed partnerships with organizations such as U Events! to provide fun events for over 200 children in orphanages, hospitals and schools.
    Events that provide a day of creative learning. These activities were held for disadvantaged children at the CRIBS Foundation, the children
    in the slums of Manila and children with serious illnesses at the Quirino Memorial Hospital in Manila.

  • Our Book Program successfully collected over 50,000 pounds of  children’s books from schools and individuals. These books have
    been distributed to several elementary schools in remote provinces in the Philippines through our partners the
    Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation
    who promote the love of reading in local public schools.
  • We have partnered with the Emilio Aguinaldo College and the Immaculate Concepcion Academy in Cavite, Philippines, who provide several disadvantaged children a subsidized education. Our donations of potentially discarded California grade school textbooks have now found a
    home in their school curriculum.
  • We partner with orphanages and homes such as the CRIBS Foundation and Preda Foundations Childhood for Children Home for Girls who both provide care for abused children. Our partners are carefully screened to ensure quality programs are in place to provide the best care for these girls.
  • Over 30,000 pounds of food, clothing, school supplies, vitamins and toiletries have been shipped to our supported organizations.
    Your donations have helped feed and clothe these girls kept safe from harm in these orphanages and homes. 
    It doesn’t take much to make a big difference.


CRF provides donors with photos and videos of how your donations make a difference in the lives of the girls they support. We believe
 in the importance of providing our donors this feedback -seeing the power of their contributions at work.

An elementary school teacher at Cambaog Elementary School, Philippines wrote this note after receiving our shipment of over 1000 books
in cooperation with the Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation:

"A blessed day and advance Merry Christmas. In behalf of 603 elementary pupils and 92 pre-school children, 17 teachers and 1
principal from Cambaog Elementary School, Cambaog, Bustos, Bulacan-Philippines we would like to extend our warmest thanks to
your foundation. Our school have received 1,157 books, puzzles, crayons, story books with tapes. Our school children are truly blest
upon receiving the said items. Each rooms were given enough numbers of books to be read during free times so it can help the children
to read fast using those colorful books."

"Upon receiving 4 boxes of unknown materials inside. We did not think that inside it was books that can really be used by
our school children. I was amazed with the books I’ve seen same with my principal. Children were also happy seeing the books.
They are so excited reading it. We would like to thank “Michael Smith” whom whole-heartedly gave his books to children who are in need.
(Note from CRF: Michael Smith was stamped on most of the donated books that he became famous in the schoo)"

"To Corazon Foundation from California USA. We know that they’ve tried so hard to find this books and be given to the needy ones.
More power to your foundation, hoping that you will be more blessed so you could share books again for Filipino children.
Our prayers are with you. God Bless!!!!"

"The books were truly an advance Christmas gift to our school children…May God continue to bless each one of you…."