Our Mission

The Corazon Roxas Foundation (CRF) is a 501(c)3 California-based, non-sectarian, non-profit organization dedicated to effectively assisting and supporting organizations that provide education, medical assistance, housing and care for families in need.

Our Impact:

How do we make a difference? By targeting a need, and by ensuring resources are applied effectively. Our size guarantees flexibility and attention to detail in the execution of our tasks.

We’ve made a difference in assisting in the rebuilding of community shelters when floods ravaged provinces, in helping orphanages get their structures rebuilt following typhoons. In 2020, after the scenic Taal volcano erupted in fury, we assisted in supplying items for personal hygiene: soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, washcloths, combs for hundreds of displaced people.

We’ve made a difference to the thousands of schoolchildren who we’ve provided with basic school supplies and backpacks; giving their parents one less resource to worry about.

We're making a difference in creating a love of reading in children by the Book Program we’ve run for several years. So far, we’ve distributed over 200,000 children’s books in various schools and provincial libraries.

Have we made a difference? If we created temporarily relief in a disaster, if we’ve brought a sense of Hope in children and people in need, brought a sense of building a future and a sense of normality in a time of duress, that’s a difference worth striving for.

Here are examples of how CRF is impacting lives in various ways where help is needed the most:

Pandemic Aid

As the pandemic rages on, millions of families have gone hungry with the loss of jobs and government help. CRF continues to respond to the humanitarian crisis by providing workers and their families with food.

COVID Relief

In July 2020, CRF began distributing COVID care kits (masks, gloves, sanitizers,wipes) to nonprofits in the SF Bay Area : in the Mission, in San Mateo and Santa Clara, focusing on what families and key individuals need to leave their homes safely in a pandemic.

Emergency Relief

In June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, we provided hygiene kits to the hundreds of families in the Philippines who were left homeless after a devastating fire swept through the town of Mandaluyong, on the island of Luzon.

Disaster Relief

In 2020, the Taal volcano in the Philippines erupted displacing thousands of families, who fled with only what they could carry. We supplied hundreds of hygiene kits to these families to help them get through the crisis.

Partner Grants

Through a grant from partner, PaperSeed, we hosted a series of art therapy classes that encourage learning, creativity, and confidence for traumatized children in the Philippines. Working with local artists in the town of Angona, a carefully planned curriculum was developed to encourage teamwork and self expression culminating with the display of their work at a local mall. The funds generated were distributed to their families.

Learning Supplies

CRF has provided thousands of backpacks with school supplies and clothing to the most disadvantaged children in various provincial school districts. These basic of needs are invaluable to families who struggle with the basics to send their children to school.

Book Program

Our Book Program has collected hundreds of thousands of children’s books from schools and individuals in the U.S. and distributed them to many elementary schools in remote provinces in the Philippines through partners such as Teach for the Philippines and JDVS Foundation we’ve reached over 100 schools and organizations.

Educational Supplies

We continue to work with the indigenous population in the remote mountain provinces of the Philippines by providing English reading books and backpacks filled with school supplies.


Through our alliance with Teach for the Philippines, an offshoot of the Teach for America program which trains teachers to work in remote schools of the Philippines, we distribute hundreds of thousands of English reading books and teachers teaching aids.

In addition, we work directly with schools like the Emilio Aguinaldo College and Immaculate Concepcion Academy in Cavite Philippines providing potentially discarded California grade school textbooks which have found homes in their school curriculum.

Typhoon Relief

The Philippines has been hit with some of the strongest typhoons in Asia. In response to the devastation left by these disasters we responded through local nonprofits like KNK by providing educational activities, clothing, shoes to the child friendly spaces they created in the aftermath of the typhoon. These areas supported 500 children left homeless by giving them an area to play safely.

Rebuilding Villages

Typhoon Haiyan was one of the deadliest super typhoons ever recorded, killing over 6,000 people and displacing many more in the Philippines. We worked with the nonprofit IsraAid to rebuild villages and provide trauma treatment to girls displaced by the Typhoon. We built fencing for the Center for Abused Girls to provide them with security to get back in full operation and provide shelter for the women in the facility. In addition, CRF shipped over 2,000 pounds of books for the libraries destroyed and distributed hundreds of backpacks with school supplies.

Post-Disaster Help

We provided assistance to the Boys Center in the island of Oromoc, Leyte which was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. Two years after the natural disaster, there was still no funding available to rebuild the facility. CRF stepped in to provide furniture and equipment to help restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of the children at the center. This included furniture, beds, tables, chairs, cutlery and sports equipment.

Special Events for Children

We formed partnerships with organizations such as U Happy Events! to provide fun events for hundreds of children in orphanages, hospitals and schools.

These are events that provide days of creative learning for children. These activities are held for disadvantaged children in shelters such as the CRIBS Foundation, for children in the slums of Manila, and children with serious illnesses at the Quirino Memorial Hospital in Manila.

Holiday Cheer

The Philippines celebrates Christmas in early November and continues through mid January. Our Holiday Food distribution program provides families hardest hit by poverty with traditional Holiday treats, bags of rice, canned goods and other groceries.


Through our partner, Philos Health, we have supported their emergency medical, dental and nutrition programs. Philos health has a dedicated team of volunteer healthcare professionals working on the health issues for the over 30,000 residents of the town in Jagna, Bohol. We continue to provide them hundreds of hygiene kits and backpacks filled with school supplies for the community.