Our Programs

Care Program

What we consider as basics are unreachable for families who live at poverty level. To respond to this need, we purchase, assemble and distribute much needed items.

A. School Needs: Each year we send hundreds of school backpacks to children from families who are at or below the poverty level. These bags include basics needed for school like pens, pencils, scissors, paper, notebooks etc. For many families, these bags are invaluable.

B. Hygiene Kits/ Personal Needs: We provide hygiene kits for the basic needs of the school children that include: a washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, and in some cases, rubber slippers and T-shirts. In a tropical climate, in a developing country, these simple items are precious commodities.

Book Program

Knowledge can transform a life and break the cycle of poverty giving children the best chance of a future. Our very successful book program sends hundreds of thousands of used children’s English reading books to public elementary schools throughout the Philippines.

When opportunity arises, we provide educational kits and US textbooks in Math, English and Science to local teachers to give them the best tools they need to create a love of learning among their students.

Full color children’s reading books in English are impossible to find in remote island villages,until we populated a few school libraries with them. Teachers tell us that the children are actually spending more time at school to read them. By shipping books that were destined for US landfill we engage in what we call “educational recycling”. Teacher donations from California schools have also helped us send thousands of their used books to be used in schools thousands of miles away.

Special Programs

Through our local nonprofit partners, we delivered a wide variety of programs to address local needs from emergency medical care, response to natural disasters to activities for children.

Our projects include rebuilding fences for orphanages destroyed by typhoons, creating safe child play centers after a devastating earthquake, providing furnishing to child centers ruined by floods, providing emergency heart saving surgery for a young child, creating art workshops for young children suffering from trauma, donating hundreds of hygiene kits to families in shelters affected by a volcanic eruption. Most recently, we have responded to the pandemic by delivering custom COVID care kits to nonprofits who support the disadvantaged in our own communities.

We have shipped thousands of pounds of care with our shipments arriving in 6 -8 weeks at their front door. Whether our shipment is sent to the capital city, Manila and its suburbs or to remote villages where the nearest town is 2 hours away by tricycle, bus, or local jeepney, your donations have made it to their destinations.

Watch the video below to see how CRF's Care Program works: